The Middle Way provides multiple challenges to mainstream Western philosophy: for example to metaphysical claims, to entrenched dualisms such as reason v emotion, to representational accounts of meaning, and to the fact-value distinction. 

In some ways virtually the whole site is about philosophy (in a very broad and practical sense). Linked here are pages from the site that particularly link to topics and thinkers in Western philosophy. philosophia-durer

Introductory video

2a: How Western philosophy lost its way

Pages on general philosophical topics



Facts and values

About metaphysics

Metaphysics, belief and science audio

Podcast interview with Peter Worley from the Philosophy Foundation (working with introducing philosophy to children)

Blog posts on philosophical issues by Robert M Ellis

What is a sceptic?

The Misunderstanding of scepticism

Symbolising truth

Empowering words (on stipulation and the coining of new philosophical terms)

The happiness delusion

Seven contentions against the academics

What is wisdom?


Excavating agnosticism

Making sense of non-dualism

The limitations of secularism

Podcast interviews with philosophers

Julian Baggini (on virtues of the table)

Marek Duda (on effective altruism)

Alison Gopnik (on the philosophical baby)

Philip Kitcher (on secular humanism)

Jonathan Rowson (on the RSA Social Brain project)

Richard Shusterman (on somaesthetics)

Evan Thompson (on waking, dreaming, being)

Gay Watson (on the philosophy of emptiness)

Adam Briggle on when philosophy lost its way

Ethics: pages and blog posts


Ethics audio resources

The current confusion about ethics (blog post)

Practical Ethics using the Middle Way (blog post)

Western philosophers who have contributed to our understanding of the Middle Way

Pyrrho and Scepticism


David Hume

John Stuart Mill

John Dewey

Jean-Paul Sartre


Review of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s ‘Antifragile’

Review of Lou Marinoff’s ‘The Middle Way’

Review of Kathryn Schulz’s ‘Being Wrong’

Review of Mark Johnson’s ‘Morality for humans’

Review of Sam Harris’s ‘The Moral Landscape’



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