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Introduction to Politics and the Middle Way

Middle Way Politics (talk by Robert M Ellis – scroll down to no. 8 on linked page)

Middle Way Thinkers 5 : John Stuart Mill

When to intervene? (blog post)

Riding the Greenwave (blog post)

The Great Conciliator (blog post on Nelson Mandela)

The Middle Way to Anarchy (blog post)



Finding balance in the Brexit storm (blog post)

Should the UK leave the EU? (Forum)

Other forum discussions of political issues

Is austerity a necessary evil?

How do we address the progressive’s dilemma?

What is a Middle Way approach to nuclear disarmament?

Voting systems: what’s better, first past the post or PR?

Israel and Palestine

Constitutional monarchy

Should prisoners be allowed to vote?

Podcasts on general politics and political thought

haVinhThoSmallEpisode 47: Ha Vinh Tho, the Programme Director of the Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan talks about the project, it’s underlying philosophy, how it’s applied, the challenges it faces and how it might relate to the Middle Way.
robertMEllisSmallEpisode 66: Robert M. Ellis, the chair of the society talks about politics, political ideologies, the relationship between our values and political parties, the role of democracy and how all this might relate to the Middle Way.

Podcasts on politics and society
StevenHowlettSmallEpisode 44: Steven Howlett, co author of Volunteering and Society in the 21st Century talks about volunteering in general, some of the research projects he’s been involved in and how it might relate to the Middle Way.
marySearleSmallEpisode 42: Lancaster Co-housing resident Mary Searle-Chatterjee talks to us about the history, aims and values of this award-winning project. She also takes us on a tour of the place which is accompanied with photos in the slideshow.

rodKingSmallEpisode 60: Rod King, the founder and campaign director of ‘20’s Plenty for Us’ a movement set up to campaign for a default 20 mile speed limit in the UK. He talks about its rationale, the effect it has had and the challenges it faces.

peterBlockSmallEpisode 91: Peter Block, a consultant and speaker in the areas of organization development, community building, and civic engagement. He’s co-wrote with John McNight The Abundant community which will be the topic of our discussion.

Podcasts on politics and the environment

Mark-WilliamsSmallEpisode 84: Mark Williams, a professor of paleobiology on ‘The Anthropocene Biosphere’ which explores the impact of humans from a geological perspective on the biosphere. It also looks at how humans are potentially driving a sixth mass extinction.
AmeliaWomackSmallEpisode 81: Amelia Womack, a British politician and deputy leader of the Green Party of England and Wales on Ecocide and Environmental Law for which she is an active campaigner.
JonathonPorrittsmallEpisode 68: Jonathon Porritt, the environmentalist, talks to us about his latest book ‘The World we Made: Alex McKay’s Story from 2050’ and the prospects for people engaging with the issue of climate change in general.
timKasserSmallEpisode 45: Tim Kasser talks to us about his book ‘Meeting Environmental Challenges: The Role of Human Identity’ , how he sees this as being often a missing link in environmental campaigning and how this all might relate to the Middle Way.
adam_CornerSmallEpisode 38: Adam Corner, journalist and Research Director of the Climate Outreach & Information Network (COIN) talks about COIN, its approach to climate change, its aims and objectives and how it might relate to the Middle Way.

Podcasts on politics and health

harryBurnsSmallEpisode 41: Sir Harry Burns, the professor of global public health at the University of Strathclyde and a former Chief Medical Officer for Scotland on the causes of inequality in health, the causes of wellness and some solutions that he has implemented.

Podcasts on politics and race

hariSewellSmallEpisode 72: Hári Sewell, sociologist and director of HS Consultancy Associates, specialists in mental health, equalities & social care, talks to us about race, racialization and inter-relatedness and how all this might relate to the Middle Way.

Podcasts on politics and feminism

feminismSmallEpisode 79: Susan Averbach, Tim Crane and Shana Averbach in this round table discussion talk about feminism, how it has evolved, the progress it has made, the challenges it faces and how it relates to the Middle Way
lynneFranksSmallEpisode 57: Lynne Franks was the founder of one of the UK’s best-known PR consultancies in the 1970’s. She has in recent years focused her attention on women’s empowerment and sustainability and this is the topic of the discussion.
ninaDaviesSmallEpisode 28: Nina Davies, in this latest member profile, tells us about growing up in Singapore, her work in social care, the importance of feminism in her life and what made her join the society.



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