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The MWS Podcast 126: Stephen Jenkinson on Orphan Wisdom

Our guest today is Stephen Jenkinson a Harvard-trained theologian and a teacher, author, storyteller, spiritual activist, farmer and founder of the Orphan Wisdom School, a teaching house and learning house for the skills of deep living and making human culture. Before founding the school, he headed the counsel team of Canada’s largest palliative care program and in 2008 a film ‘Griefwalker was made about his work with the dying and their families and he’s the author of several books including ‘Money and the Soul’s desires’ and ‘Die Wise’ .

MWS Podcast 126: Stephen Jenkinson as audio only:
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The MWS Podcast 121: Igor Grossmann and Robert M Ellis on the Four Factors that Foster Wisdom

We welcome back to the podcast ,Igor Grossmann, who is Associate Professor of Psychology and the Director of the Wisdom and Research Lab based at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. His main research interest is the complex processes that enable individuals to think and act wisely. He has also done pioneering work on the development of wisdom in different cultures. Dr. Grossmann was named one of the 2015 Rising Stars in the field of Psychological Science.He’s going to be joined in discussion with a regular guest on the podcast, the philosopher Robert M Ellis, who is the chair of the Middle Way Society and author amongst other books of the Middle Way Philosophy series. Igor recently published a paper in Perspectives on Psychological Science entitled Wisdom in Context in which he puts forward 4 main Factors that foster wise thinking and this the topic that we’ll be discussing today.

MWS Podcast 121: Wisdom in Context as audio only:
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