Concluding the introductory course

If you have arrived at this page after working through the 27 videos of the Introductory course, then congratulations! We hope you have benefitted from the course, and if you have feedback or appreciation, then please leave a comment and let us know.

Where can you go from here? The study of the Middle Way is inextricable to its practice and is a lifetime’s work. Many sources can help you in some respects with understanding the Middle Way, but in the Middle Way Society we aim to approach it directly without the potential distraction of allegiance to a particular tradition. If you want to continue to work with this approach, there are lots of further things you can do:

  • Read books about the Middle Way: these have been recommended throughout the course in relation to each topic
  • Come on one of our retreats (see the Events section)
  • Participate in a Skype discussion group or meditation group
  • Listen to some of our podcasts
  • Join the society and help support our activities
  • Engage with the society on social media (see links on top right)

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