Poetry 121: Be Careful What you Wish For by Stephen Parr (Ananda)


What I wanted was a box of silver stars
that could be hauled up and down according to my mood.
What I got was a headful of lame excuses
from the moonlighting electrician

What I wanted was a forest
where you could hear the trees shuffling their silences.
What I got was a postcard from the Brecons
telling me that they hadn’t seen cloud all week.

What I wanted was a door you could open
and each time it led somewhere different.
What I got was an outside loo where I endured
the December wind axing through the boards.

What I wanted was a world that always told the truth.
What I got was a box full of riddles
That exploded if you uttered the wrong password.

What I wanted was you, forever.
What I got was me, over and over,

and the deaf clocks calling time without end.

Image courtesy of www.pixabay.com

About Barry Daniel

I live in the Lake District in the UK where I run a guesthouse with my partner Kate and my cat Manuel. I enjoy painting, hillwalking, reading, visiting and entertaining friends, T’ai Chi and playing the guitar. I’m engaged to a certain degree in the local community, as a volunteer with Samaritans and I’m a fairly active member of the local Green party. I’ve had a relatively intuitive sense of the Middle Way most of my adult life but it found a greater articulation and a practical direction through joining the society. It’s also been interesting and great fun engaging with other people with a similar outlook. My main contribution to the society is conducting the podcast interviews, something that gives me a lot of satisfaction and that I’ve learnt a lot from.

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