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The MWS Podcast: Episode 17, Rich Flanagan

In this latest member profile, Rich Flanagan talks to us about why he joined the society, what the Middle Way means to him and to what extent he applies it in his job as an operating department practitioner in the NHS and as a dad. We’ll discuss the importance for him of meditation, his interest in science. He’ll also talk about why he sees that for him there is no conflict in being an atheist and a practitioner of the Middle Way. We touch on religious ethics, navel gazing and one particular reservation he has about the society.

MWS Podcast 17: Rich Flanagan as audio only:
Download audio: MWS_Podcast_17_Rich_Flanagan

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Earlier podcasts

The MWS Podcast: Episode 5, Julian Adkins

In this second of our member profiles, Julian Adkins talks about his life, why he joined the society and his experiences with the Christian, Buddhist and Atheist traditions. He goes on to say how these experiences partly informed his decisions to become a classical ballet dancer, an engineer, a nurse and now a CBT therapist. He explains the impact, Stephen Batchelor, Daniel Dennett and Sam Harris have had on his life. He also talks about how he’s getting on introducing Middle Way Philosophy to the meditation group he runs in Edinburgh.