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Migglism: A Beginner’s Guide to Middle Way Philosophy, now published

After a number of months of preparation, and helpful input from a number of people in the Middle Way Society, my new introduction to Middle Way Philosophy, Migglism, is now finally published. It aims to provide a brief and accessible way into the ideas, and is illustrated with cartoons by Norma Smith and Peter Goble.Migglism Cover Katja

Migglism is the first book to be approved by the Middle Way Society publications committee, which is formed to give the society’s support to self-published books about the Middle Way. This facility is open to any author who wants to publish a book relating to the Middle Way and submit it to the society for approval.

The book is available in both paperback and e-book versions. Currently it is only available from Lulu, but within a few weeks it should also be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major online sources. Please note that a greater proportion of money goes to me, and less to Jeff Bezos, if you buy from Lulu rather than Amazon.

Here are the links to the Lulu pages where you can purchase the book:



Here is the ‘blurb’:

‘Migglism’ is a short term for Middle Way Philosophy, a practical philosophical approach developed by Robert M. Ellis in a Ph.D. thesis and a series of books. Middle Way Philosophy brings together insights from Buddhism, philosophy and psychology to offer a framework of thinking for a range of integrative practices. This book aims to introduce these ideas in an accessible way.

‘The Middle Way’ is not a compromise, but a process of navigating between dogmatic extremes. By avoiding either positive or negative claims that go beyond experience, we can find a new way of thinking, valuing and practising.

“The middle is the chaotic and confusing place between the extremes. While the extremes are simpler and more attractive, it is the mess in the middle where the interesting and creative activities occur – it is where we should be. Robert sets out a foundation for a way of thinking about the middle ground as a place to move towards.”
Ed Catmull, President of Pixar and Walt Disney, and author of Creativity, Inc.

Middle Way Philosophy 3: The Integration of Meaning now out

The third volume of my Middle Way Philosophy series, The Integration of Meaning, is now out in paperback.Middle Way Philosophy 3

The first part of this book offers a detailed explanation of embodied meaning, drawing on the work of George Lakoff and Mark Johnson. It also explains the drawbacks of the traditional way of understanding meaning as a link between language and reality – representationalism – and how this has contributed to unhelpful metaphysical beliefs.

The remainder of the book is concerned with the integration of meaning, explaining how meaning relates to other sorts of integration, how working with archetypes can help integration, and making a survey of different sorts of practices, including the arts, that can support integration of meaning.

You can see more details and buy the book from this Lulu page. It will eventually also be available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc., but not for a few weeks yet.