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The MWS Podcast 49: Elizabeth English on Focusing

Elizabeth English (Locana) is the founder Life at Work, a professional and personal development organisation. She has a  Masters and Doctorate from Oxford University in Buddhology. She’s a certified Nonviolent Communication trainer and, a teacher in Focusing with the British Focusing Teachers’ Association and the Focusing Institute. She’s going to talk to us today about Focusing, what it is, how you practice it, what are its benefits and how it might relate to the Middle Way.

MWS Podcast 49: Elizabeth English as audio only:
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Focusing and Thinking at the Edge

I’ve recently come across a new kind of practice that seems to be a practical application of the embodied meaning thesis. This is the work of Eugene Gendlin and the Focusing institute, which you can find out more about at www.focusing.org. There at two kinds of practices: ‘focusing’, which involves awareness of embodied meaning, and ‘thinking at the edge’, which builds on focusing to provide a method to stimulate creative thinking. I need to investigate this more closely myself, but it seems potentially both useful and exciting, so I thought I would share it even at this stage. The following videos provide a very interesting introduction to the thinking at the edge practice. It’s worth persevering onto the third section, where Gendlin says some inspiring things about our capacity for creative thinking as well giving an outline of his method.