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The MWS Podcast: Episode 27, Andy West on Transformative Mediation

In this episode Andy West, a transformative mediator talks to us about the transformative framework, the nature of conflict, what we should do about conflict and what we should do about conflict that can’t be resolved. We then explore the difference between transformative mediation and Non-Violent Communication and to what extent this relates to the Middle Way.

MWS Podcast 27: Andy West as audio only:
Download audio: MWS_Podcast_27_Andy_West

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The MWS Podcast: Episode 4, Daren Dewitt

In this episode Daren Dewitt, a certified trainer with the centre for nonviolent communication talks about this integrative practice and how it can be a very effective technique for dealing with conflict both with others and ourselves. He explains the process involved especially in regard to feelings and needs and non judgement. He explores themes such as anger and appreciation and how NVC can arguably be seen as a way of breaking down dogmatic views about others (and ourselves). He also talks about how he got involved with NVC and the influence this has had on his own life.

Daren runs regular training sessions in London, see: www.nvc-resolutions.co.uk. He is very happy to answer any questions about the interview or NVC in the comments section should you have any.