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The MWS Podcast 134: Robert M Ellis on the Christian Middle Way

Our guest today is once again the chair of our society Robert M Ellis. Robert’s here to talk to us about his latest book The Christian Middle Way: The case against Christian Belief but for Christian Faith, published by Christian Alternative which comes out on the 27th July. He’ll also be running a weekend retreat on the Christian Middle Way from the 20th to the 22nd July which will give people an opportunity to explore its approach at the Brazier’s Park centre in the lovely Oxfordshire Countryside.

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The MWS Podcast 119: Hári Sewell, Arno Michaelis and Robert M Ellis on Prejudice

In our latest round table discussion we welcome back to the podcast Hári Sewell who is a trainer and consultant in equality and social justice and author of Working with Ethnicity, Race and Culture in Mental Health , ex-white supremacist and now peace activist Arno Michaelis, author of My Life After Hate and the chair of the Middle Way Society, the philosopher Robert M Ellis, author of many books including the Middle Way Philosophy series. The topic today will be prejudice, what it is, how it affects us and what we might do about it.

MWS Podcast 119: Prejudice as audio only:
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The MWS Podcast 66: Robert M. Ellis on Politics and the Middle Way

We are joined today by the philosopher and chair of the Middle Way Society Robert M. Ellis. He talks to us about politics and how it might relate to the Middle Way.

MWS Podcast 66:Robert M. Ellis as audio only:
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The MWS Podcast: Episode 13, Robert M. Ellis

In this member profile, the chair of the society Robert M. Ellis tells us about his background, the time he spent as a Buddhist, how he first became interested in philosophy and how he came to develop Middle Way Philosophy. He also talks about how the society came about and what vision he has for its future.

MWS Podcast 13: Robert M. Ellis as audio only:
Download audio: MWS_Podcast_13_Robert_M_Ellis

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The MWS Podcast: Episode 1, The skill of critical thinking with Robert M. Ellis

Robert M Ellis1In this inaugural episode of the Middle Way Society podcast, the philosopher and chair of the Middle Way Society talks to Barry Daniel about the skill of critical thinking and how it relates to Middle Way Philosophy. Robert was asked a variety of questions about the subject, including what critical thinking is and what are its origins, its practical applications, its relationship with the Middle Way and the psychological benefits it can bring, and how you can go about acquiring such a skill.

There is also a slide show version of the podcast available on Youtube.