The MWS Podcast 69: Barry Daniel, member profile

In this latest member profile Barry Daniel talks to Susan Averbach about his life and background, why he joined the society, what other interests he has and how it has been for him producing the Middle Way Society Podcast.

MWS Podcast 69:Barry Daniel as audio only:
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About Barry Daniel

I live in the Lake District in the UK where I run a guesthouse with my partner Kate and my cat Manuel. I enjoy painting, hillwalking, reading, visiting and entertaining friends, T’ai Chi and playing the guitar. I’m engaged to a certain degree in the local community, as a volunteer with Samaritans and I’m a fairly active member of the local Green party. I’ve had a relatively intuitive sense of the Middle Way most of my adult life but it found a greater articulation and a practical direction through joining the society. It’s also been interesting and great fun engaging with other people with a similar outlook. My main contribution to the society is conducting the podcast interviews, something that gives me a lot of satisfaction and that I’ve learnt a lot from.

2 thoughts on “The MWS Podcast 69: Barry Daniel, member profile

  1. I’ve just got back from holiday and had chance to listen to this, and enjoyed it very much. Welcome to Susan in her first foray into interviewing, which I hope will be continued! It was also great to hear about Barry’s life (especially with the photos). I find it an inspiring story, particularly as to how breadth of experience (which Barry’s life is especially rich in) can provide an impetus for an integrative process.

    One could see the work Middle Way Society as particularly involving two aspects: talking and listening. I’ve done a lot of the talking so far, in the sense of trying to put forward a Middle Way Philosophy (whether in speech or writing): but just as important as the talking is the listening, and Barry is a skilled and proficient listener. Listening is just as much a part of the Middle Way as talking, because one needs to understand and engage with what lies on either side at the same time as finding a path through it. Barry’s podcasts have made a huge contribution to the Middle Way Society as a listening project. However, as he said, the society is an ongoing project in which I hope others will also become involved in both the talking and the listening – as best fits their aptitude.

  2. Welcome back, Robert. I hope you had a nice break. Thanks for the kind words about the interview. It’s nice to be thought of as a ‘listener’. Nevertheless, I’m definitely a work in progress in that regard, you only have to ask Katie!

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