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    Paul Murchison

    As a secular and spiritual ponderer I have just encountered this forum.
    Absolutes have always bothered me. I do not like being stifled by dogma.
    Hence, I have found a good deal of communication unpalatable given the
    resorts to highly questionable premises.
    As a writer, and sometimes public speaker, your general thrust seems refreshing.
    My book Who is This God?, a mega bad seller, upset both atheists and theists.
    Still I prefer inner expression to the seeking of a receptive audience.
    Keep up what seems a highly creative and interesting work

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    Robert M Ellis

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for the encouragement. What is Saspianism? Presumably it’s related to your work?

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    Jim Champion

    Stands for secular and spiritual ponderer?

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      Paul Murchison

      Well done Jim—–spot on.
      Back soon have to go out.
      Cheers Paul (Saspian Society)

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