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    Hi everyone, I’d like to share some Middle Way-related thoughts. I believe the Middle Way, and the state of oneness, Truth, and God, unites, combines, merges, blends, intermixes, integrates, syncretizes, joins together, equalizes, and balances two fundamental qualities, yin and yang, peace and love, the all-pervasiveness and almightiness of God. These two qualities can be defined mathematically as the zero amplitude and infinity frequency that the origin of a logarithmic spiral represents, and also that a perfectly balanced and infinitely fast spinning top exhibits. This subject also relates to socio-politico-economics, as these two qualities are the essence of the dichotomies of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, the alternative lifestyles movement and mainstream society, Eastern and Western lifestyles, left-wing and right-wing politics, and communism/socialism and capitalism. It also relates to healing, as these two qualities are also the essence of the two factors that determine health, cleanliness and nourishment.

    I write about these topics on my site:

    The sections “Self-Realization, Enlightenment, Liberation, Theory of Everything”, “Light and Sound, Zero Amplitude and Infinity Frequency, Peace and Love”, “Yin and Yang”, “Spirituality and Socio-Politico-Economics”, and “Ki, Life Energy, Mana, Prana, Qi, Vital Force”, are most relevant.

    You might also enjoy the rest of the site, which contains pages entitled “Purpose of Life”, “Spiritual Healing”, and “United Earth”, and other sections entitled “The One, Self-Knowledge ‘Know Thyself’, Who We Really Are, the Truth”, “Oneness”, “The Alpha and the Omega”, “Destiny and Free Will”, “Perpetual Motion”, “The Ages”, “Circles”, “Creation”, “Meditation”, “The Elements and Theory of Evolution”, “Ideal Diet”, “Crystals, Gems, and Precious Metals”, “Spirituality and Science”, “Declaration to Create a United Earth”, “A United Earth”, and “Uniting as One”, and more.


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    Robert M Ellis

    Hi Justin,
    Thanks for your post. I haven’t investigated your work closely, but at first sight it seems rather abstract and metaphysical, meaning that I can’t see its practical value. Is that fair?
    I like to stress that the Middle Way is a process of judgement gone through by embodied beings. There are lots of abstract philosophies making claims about the ultimate essence of this or that, but they just add to the pile of metaphysical dogma that impedes us. It’s quite easy to turn the Middle Way into another metaphysical dogma if one doesn’t continually go back to its practical basis in judgement. Mathematical definitions tend to put me on my guard, I’m afraid, as they often turn out to involve Platonic assumptions about the universe following mathematical ‘truths’. Are your mathematical ideas of practical value, and if so, what is it?

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    Robert, thank you for your message, I appreciate your thoughtfully considering these valuable topics and sharing your thoughts.

    I can agree that what I’ve written is somewhat abstract, this may be a result of its subtlety, I’m explaining ideas that aren’t obvious or known by many, perhaps they aren’t easy to understand either, it certainly took a lot of work for me to understand them. And this may be a good sign, since truth isn’t necessarily easy to achieve and grasp, just as the true meaning of the Buddhist concept of enlightenment and how to achieve it aren’t widely understood. And truth is after all largely a matter of expanded awareness and understanding.

    So I wouldn’t agree that what I’ve written isn’t practical. The only reason I value the information is that I think it’s extremely practical and valuable in knowing how to create an optimum existence and improve our lives. What I’ve done is give definitive knowledge that creates unity, peace, and love. For example, knowing that the ultimate Truth is our own true Self and Heart and that life forever grows towards it like a logarithmic spiral forever approaching its origin, this works wonders in creating peace of mind. For another example, it’s extremely valuable to know that the two fundamental qualities of existence are peace and love, and what exactly these words mean and why they’re fundamental, as I’ve written on the site the answer is they’re like the zero amplitude and infinity frequency represented by the origin of a logarithmic spiral, which also represents our true Selves and Hearts. It’s also extremely valuable to know how exactly these two qualities work together and how they relate to the state of equilibrium and balance and the Middle Way, as I’ve also written about on the site.

    Also, explanations that use simple mathematical concepts are valuable because they’re objective, concrete, and clear, as I suggest in other places of my site words are often ambiguous. Simple mathematical concepts, diagrams, tables, these things are extremely helpful in organizing concepts clearly and creating understanding. And I do believe math is fundamental to the universe.

    If you have more questions or comments, feel free to let me know.

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    Robert M Ellis

    Hi Justin,
    It’s your references to ‘ultimate Truth’, ‘fundamental qualities of existence’ and the belief that maths is fundamental to the universe that worry me. I think embodiment is pretty basic to the Middle Way and its practical importance. Given that we are embodied and don’t have a God’s eye view, there is no way that we can have access to ultimate truth or falsity. That also implies that maths is a tool, and that whenever we apply maths to experience, the results will be unavoidably ambiguous. The Middle Way is a strategy for dealing with that position of uncertainty, not another supposed truth about the universe competing with all the other supposed truths about the universe. I don’t think the subtlety of your theories will help you if you’re not prepared to come to terms with the imperfect epistemological condition of human experience.

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