The Publications Committee

This small committee was set up to subserve the Middle Way Society’s publishing imprint, which supports authors wishing to publish books relating to the Middle Way.  When granted, the imprint will indicate the Society’s approval of the book concerned, and will provide the reader with a basic guarantee of quality, relevance and interest.

The imprint will be sanctioned by the Middle Way Society after due consideration, and subsequent approval, by the publications committee, to whose members manuscripts will be referred for assessment, and an initial judgement made on them.  Assessment criteria include a reasonable quality of English, of presentation, and readability ; the work’s relevance to the Middle Way;  and the book’s contribution to communicating the Middle Way.

The Society’s assessors will act in a supportive, consultative and collaborative way with intending authors. They are responsible to the Annual General Meeting. When the work of a member of the committee is under consideration, that member will not attend the meeting nor take part in the decision-making on their own work.

Intending authors (who wish to obtain the imprint) should approach the Society’s chairman Robert M Ellis at an appropriately early stage of authoring to discuss their intentions, and to get more complete information on what is entailed.


4 thoughts on “The Publications Committee

  1. Are there plans to make volumes 3 and 4 of the Middle Way Philosophy books available in e-book form? I buy very few books in traditional print format because of significant osteoarthritis in my hands. I already own all of Mr Ellis’s other books that available in e-book form.

    1. Dear Steven

      Thanks for your interest in Dr Ellis’s books and your question about e-book versions of Volumes 3 and 4. Robert is presently on retreat but he will certainly deal with your query on his return, I hope to your satisfaction.

      Peter (Goble)

      MWS Secretary and Publications Committee member

  2. Hi Steven,
    Sorry about the non-appearance of volumes 3 and 4 in e-book form. The fact is that I have had quite a few technical hassles in converting books to e-book form, so I have a certain resistance to going through the process! However, having a definite request from you will help provide an incentive.

    My plan now is to make a revision of volume 1 (to bring it more fully into line with the other volumes), and then to create an ‘omnibus’ edition of all the volumes together, which may only appear in e-book form (if it does appear in print, it will be rather expensive, so I’d expect the e-book to be a better option). Hopefully I’ll manage that within the next few months, but I have quite a few projects under way at the moment and various demands on my time. In the meantime, though, I could email you pdfs of volumes 3 and 4, if that would be helpful?

    1. I am aware there are many technical hassles involved in e-book publishing. I wish I could be of some assistance, but I have no skills in that area. The books you have written need to be in e-book form. Thanks for your offer to send me PDF’s of Volumes 3 and 4 and I will take you up on that. I do plan on joining the Society in the very near future.

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