Announcing the Introductory Course

You can now learn about Middle Way Philosophy in a structured way, but going at your own pace, by following the 27 videos of the introductory series. Each of the pages for these themiddlewaysocietylogovideos now also offers questions for reflection that encourage you to think about how the ideas can be applied in your own life, as well as recommendations for further reading and a link onto the next video in the series.

Click here to find out more about the Introductory Course and set out on it!

About Robert M Ellis

Robert M Ellis is the founder and chair of the Middle Way Society, and author of a number of books on Middle Way Philosophy, including the introductory 'Migglism' and the more in-depth 'Middle Way Philosophy' series. He has a Christian background, and about 20 years' past experience of practising Buddhism, but it was his Ph.D. studies in Philosophy that set him on the track of developing a systematic account of the Middle Way beyond any specific tradition. He has earned his living mainly by teaching, and more recently by online tutoring.

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