MWP Video 4b: Avoiding discontinuity

While some discontinuity is unavoidable in our environment and our practical decision-making, the imposition of unnecessary conceptual discontinuities (e.g. those of race or boundaries) are an important element of absolutisation that we can avoid. This is a tributary video to no. 4 on incrementality.

This is the 16th video in the Middle Way Philosophy introductory course

Some suggested reflection questions:

1. Give your own example of discontinuity in conditions from your own experience. Has that discontinuity created difficulties?

2. Think about an example from your own experience where you have had to cut short your reflection before acting because of the circumstances (provisional discontinuity). Are there any ways that the discontinuity in this example could be minimized in the future?

3. Consider some examples of absolutizing discontinuity in your own context. What would be an alternative incremental way of thinking about those discontinuities?

4. In the examples you’ve considered for no.3, how could more incremental thinking be practically introduced into the situation to avoid or reduce discontinuity?

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