Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution

arnoMichaelisEpisode 74: Arno Michaelis, former racist skinhead, one time leader of hate metal band Centurion and now peace activist, talks to us about his life, overcoming hatred, his peace work and how all this might relate to the Middle Way
bjornIhlerSmallEpisode 65: Bjorn Ihler, peace activist, writer & survivor of the attack on Utøya island in Norway in 2011. We discuss extremism, how education and critical thinking can play a key role in addressing the problem how all this might relate to the the Middle Way.
KristinNeffSmallEpisode 23: Kristin Neff, Associate Professor in Human Development and Culture at the University of Texas talks about self-compassion, how she feels it differs from self-esteem, its contingent nature, and why it’s such a useful thing to cultivate in life.
marinaCantacuzinoSmallEpisode 18: The Forgiveness Project founder Marina Cantacuzino talks about how the project came about, it’s rationale and how she would like to see it develop. She also talks about forgiveness in more general terms and its complex nature.
licSmallEpisode 15: Language in Conflict founders Lesley Jeffries & Jim O’Driscoll on how they set up the project to look at the potential contribution of linguistics to conflict studies by examining the use of language in conflict situations and its resolution.


sarahDickinsonSmallEpisode 73: Sarah Dickinson, who is a volunteer with Samaritans, tells us a little bit about the rationale of the organisation, what it does, how one can volunteer and how it might relate to the Middle Way
andyWestSmallEpisode 27: Andy West, a transformative mediator talks to us about the transformative framework, the nature of conflict, the difference between transformative mediation and Nonviolent Communication and to what extent this relates to the Middle Way.
MonicaGarveySmallEpisode 11: Monica Garvey talks to us about Family Mediation, an integrative, non-confrontational and progressive approach to family disputes. She talks to us about children issues, overcoming dogmatic positions and the power of an apology.
darenDewittSmallEpisode 4: Daren DeWitt, a certified trainer with the centre for nonviolent communication talks about this integrative practice and how it can be a very effective technique for dealing with conflict both with others and ourselves.

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