Objectivity training

davidMcraneySmallEpisode 76: David Mcraney, an internationally bestselling author, journalist, and lecturer. talks to us today about his latest book ‘How to Beat your Brain’, an attempt to help us overcome our quirks and make decisions more effectively.
noreenaHertzSmallEpisode 63: Noreena Hertz, the renowned economist and Honorary Professor at the Centre for the Study of Decision-Making at University College London, talks to us about her latest book ‘Eyes Wide Open’ How to make smart decisions in a confusing world’.
ViryanayaSmallEpisode 22: Viryanaya on teaching critical thinking as a part of spiritual practice as opposed to a more academic focus, the value of teaching it to children from an early age and her understanding of the Middle Way.
robertEllisSmallEpisode 1: Robert M. Ellis In this inaugural episode of the Middle Way Society podcast, the philosopher and chair of the Middle Way Society talks about the skill of critical thinking and how it relates to Middle Way Philosophy.

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