jimchampionsmallEpisode 101: Jim Champion, in this latest member profile, talks to us about his background, how he became interested in science and his career as a physics teacher, why he joined the society and what his understanding is of the Middle Way.
sharonBegleySmallEpisode 92: Sharon Begley, an American journalist specializing in science and co-author (with Richard J. Davidson) of The Emotional Life of Your Brain which will be the topic of our discussion today.
Mark-WilliamsSmallEpisode 84: Mark Williams, a professor of paleobiology on ‘The Anthropocene Biosphere’ which explores the impact of humans from a geological perspective on the biosphere. It also looks at how humans are potentially driving a sixth mass extinction.
marcLewisSmallEpisode 78: Marc Lewis, a developmental neuroscientist talks about his latest book The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction is not a Disease in which he argues that seeing addiction as a disease is not only wrong but also harmful.
Susan-Greenfield1Episode 70: Baroness Susan Greenfield, the neuroscientist, writer, broadcaster and member of the House of Lords, talks about her latest book Mind Change in which she explores the potential impact digital technologies can have on the mind
rupertSheldrakeSmallEpisode 59: Rupert Sheldrake, is a biologist, research scientist & is perhaps most well known for his book ‘The Science Delusion’ and his morphic resonance hypothesis. He explores this as well as the idea of science as an integrative practice.
jeanBoultonSmallEpisode 53: Jean Boulton, who has a background in theoretical physics is passionate about the implications of complexity theory for management and policy development and its connection to spiritual traditions. The talk focuses on this latter relationship.
michaelBrooksSmallEpisode 50: Michael Brooks, the popular science writer talks to us about the state and role of science today, how one goes about doing good science, some pitfalls to avoid and what the future may hold for this fascinating field of human endeavour.
rubinNaimanSmallEpisode 48: Rubin Naiman, is a sleep specialist and he talks about why so many of us are deprived of good quality sleep, in what way we might take some steps to address the balance and how this might relate to the Middle Way

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