‘Middle Way Philosophy 4: The Integration of Belief’ by Robert M Ellis

This fourth volume of the ‘Middle Way Philosophy’ series MWP4 cover2gives a detailed account of the nature of provisionality and dogma, drawing on the psychology of cognitive biases as well as philosophy. Robert argues that provisionality depends on our maintaining alternative options when we make judgements, but that dogma represses these options by absolutising our beliefs. The book includes a wide survey of recognised fallacies and cognitive biases, showing the ways in which all of these involve absolutisation, and can thus be addressed to some extent by cultivating provisionality.

This book is supported by tables showing the relationships between different cognitive errors, and by glossaries of both Middle Way Philosophy terms and types of cognitive error.

This book is currently only available as a paperback. You can buy it directly from Lulu by clicking the ‘buy now’ (which takes you to a Lulu page where you can buy it). It is alternatively available from Amazon.

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