Migglism: A Beginner’s Guide to Middle Way Philosophy by Robert M Ellis

Migglism’ is a shortened term for Middle Way Philosophy, a practically-oriented framework bringing together developments in Western science and philosophy with integrative practice. Migglism challenges polarised assumptions in the modern world, and aims to reclaim terms like ‘ethics’ and ‘objectivity’ in a way free of dogma.Migglism Cover Katja

This new introduction is aimed at people entirely new to the approach. The philosophy is made accessible using short, story-led chapters, cartoons, summaries and a glossary.

“The middle is the chaotic and confusing place between the extremes. While the extremes are simpler and more attractive, it is the mess in the middle where the interesting and creative activities occur – it is where we should be. Robert sets out a foundation for a way of thinking about the middle ground as a place to move towards.” Ed Catmull, President of Pixar and Walt Disney, and author of Creativity Inc.

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2 thoughts on “Migglism: A Beginner’s Guide to Middle Way Philosophy by Robert M Ellis

  1. Dear Robert

    Inspired by spending so much time with Rosie, being good new friends with Nina Davies and having spent some time with Viryanaya, I looked up the Middle Way Society and purchased this book. Very much looking forward to reading it.

    It took me 20 minutes to get it onto my kindle and a large cognitive load.

    I wonder whether it might be made more accessible if put onto Amazon?

    Do hope we meet one day.

    Best wishes


    1. Hi Libby, Thanks for this, and sorry to hear you had trouble using the ebook on Kindle. It is already available on Amazon though! I assume that if you bought it directly from Amazon it would already be set up for Kindle.
      Hope to meet you too sometime! Robert

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