‘Truth on the Edge’ by Robert M Ellis

Truth on the Edge: A Brief Western Philosophy of the Middle Way, by Robert M Ellis, is an introduction to the Middle Way Philosophy perspective.Truth on the Edge

It begins with the central metaphor that truth is like the sun just over the horizon: it is meaningful to us, but we cannot claim to have it. We need to come to terms with scepticism about claims to truth, and the route to objectivity lies through provisionality of belief. This approach is related to the Middle Way, as it involves avoiding both positive and negative metaphysical assertions.

This perspective is then applied to a range of areas, where it challenges many entrenched assumptions: practice, responsibility, ethics, religion, science and politics.


  • Truth on the edge
  • Metaphysical agnosticism
  • Objectivity and integration
  • Maximising responsibility
  • Integrative practice
  • Moral judgements
  • Scientific progress
  • Riding religion
  • Uniting the state
  • Integrative solutions today

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