This page links information aboutDSCF0669 forthcoming face-to-face and real time events run by the Middle Way Society, such as talks, classes, discussions and retreats.

Working with Prejudice Retreat A weekend retreat in Yorkshire, jointly led by Hari Sewell and Robert M Ellis, Apr 7th-9th 2017. See this link for more details and to book.

Summer Retreat 2017: The 5 Principles 18th-25th Aug 2017 in Worcestershire UK, led by Robert M Ellis. Please see this link for more details.

One-day Middle Way Philosophy workshops in your area We are now aiming to respond to demand in each area to hold one-day events. You can register your wish to be involved on this page and thus help make a workshop happen in your locality.

Online Discussion Groups: We have regular series of online discussion groups using Skype: all interested are welcome: see here.

Meditation group: An opportunity to support your practice by meditating with others and discussing it over Skype. See this page for more details.






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