Four Key Concepts in Middle Way Philosophy

The first talk from the 2014 summer retreat now edited in video, with summaries of the key points and pictures. More of these should gradually follow.

About Robert M Ellis

Robert M Ellis is the founder and chair of the Middle Way Society, and author of a number of books on Middle Way Philosophy, including the introductory 'Migglism' and the more in-depth 'Middle Way Philosophy' series. He has a Christian background, and about 20 years' past experience of practising Buddhism, but it was his Ph.D. studies in Philosophy that set him on the track of developing a systematic account of the Middle Way beyond any specific tradition. He has earned his living mainly by teaching, and more recently by online tutoring.

One thought on “Four Key Concepts in Middle Way Philosophy

  1. I found it very helpful to listen to the talk and discussion in which I participated with others. What I got most from the talk and discussion second time round was the way Robert pointed to the practical value of developing a tentative and flexible position on explanations, ideas and theories, rather than absolutising them, which is what I have had a tendency to do. Grasping a new theory or conceptual framework, I have tried to get everything to fit into it, and it’s a rather daft thing to try to do, and in my case has been emotionally charged with not wanting to be found out in my pervasive and fearful uncertainty. The more certain I found myself to be, the more my apprehension about being proved wrong deepened, into a downward spiral. Or so it seemed, which is another daft theory I shall let go of! 🙂

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