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The Middle Way Society is a young organisation, but with huge potential for spreading understanding and practice of the Middle Way. Few people in the world think in terms of the Middle Way, and many have not even considered the possibility. By becoming a member of the society, you can help us in making the world more aware of an integrative, creative and ethical way of thinking it might otherwise shut out. For more about the society, please see our ‘about’ page.

Members of the society need to be willing to state that they have a sincere wish to practise the Middle Way to the best of their ability, and that they support the society’s core aims of developing Middle Way thinking and helping others to practise the Middle Way. You can practise the Middle Way in any circumstances whatsoever, and you can be sincerely practising the Middle Way in the context of any religious, political or other tradition provided you are trying to avoid absolutizing the sources of authority in that tradition. Members also need to be 18 years old or more.

Why join the society?migglism2

  • It’s a way of supporting your own commitment to try to practise the Middle Way
  • You’ll be entitled to play a part in decision-making in the society, for example by attending the Annual General Meeting, or even by joining the committee to help run the society.
  • New members are entitled to a free copy of Migglism, Robert M Ellis’s introductory book on Middle Way Philosophy, either in print or e-book form.themiddlewaysocietylogo
  • New members are also entitled to a badge featuring the Middle Way Society logo. You can use this to start conversations about the Middle Way when people ask you what it means!
  • You’ll be automatically added to our email newsletter list. This means you’ll receive an update on the society’s activities every couple of months.

Please note that joining the society is an entirely separate process from registering on this website. You can register on the website without joining the society, and vice-versa.

Is the society international?

Although the Middle Way Society is so far mainly based in the UK (legally subject to the charity law of England and Wales), we welcome members from any country. Our long-term intention is to set up autonomous Middle Way Societies in other countries. If you live in another country, your support could help make this happen! So far all our face-to face activities have been limited to the UK, but we hope that will change.

How much does it cost?

There are two categories of membership available: annual membership of £20 and life membership of £250. We need funds to help meet our expenses in maintaining our website and podcast distribution facilities, to help fund retreats (including offering reduced-cost places for those who could not afford to attend otherwise), and to help meet the expenses of talks or other events used to promote the Middle Way.

If you don’t wish to pay for membership but would like to be kept in touch with our activities, you can still subscribe to our free bimonthly email newsletter.  You can do this easily by filling in the form headed ‘subscribe to our mailing list’ on the right hand side of the pages on this site.

If you wish to donate without registering as a supporter, there is also a donate button further down on the right hand side.

How do I join?

To register as a member, please first fill in the contact form below. When you have submitted your form you will be directed to a further page where you can make a secure payment via debit/credit card or Paypal. Paypal charges us 2% per transaction, so as an alternative you are welcome to pay by bank transfer (Account: Middle Way Society, Co-operative Bank, Sort Code  089299, account number 65711376, IBAN GB50 CPBK 0892 9965 7113 76, BIC CPBK GB22. Please use your name as a reference.)

Please complete both these processes to complete your membership – it will not be valid without both. Please also note that we require your full real name and mail address, as well as an email address, to accept you into membership. The officers of the society reserve the right to refuse membership applications that do not appear to be genuine.

To renew an existing membership please go directly to the payment page. You don’t need to fill in the membership form again.

We would like to encourage new supporters and members to add a personal message to introduce themselves (use the ‘message’ area), and we will try to reply personally to welcome you to the society.

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2 thoughts on “Join us

  1. I have enjoyed interacting with the material on the website, concluded a reading of the introductory Migglism and am now working my way through the the omnibus edition of Middle Way Philosophy. I look forward to engaging ever so more cognizantly in applying Middle Way principles in practice. For now I would like to enquire as to how Middle Way philosophy evaluated the Process Philosophy of Whitehead.

    1. Hi Merlin,
      Thanks for getting in touch, and I’m glad you’re getting something from these materials. As regards Whitehead, I have never studied him, but my understanding is that process philosophy is a theory about the universe rather than about judgement. In Middle Way Philosophy I try to focus only on judgement and the conditions that affect judgement, and avoid theories about the universe as a whole (which are likely to be metaphysical just because of that claimed scope, however subtle they may be).

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