Middle Way Philosophy Omnibus Edition now available

The omnibus edition of this series is now available!MWP Omnibus This includes all four previously published volumes (total cost £60.50). This, admittedly rather substantial, volume offers all the same content for £28.50 in paperback, with consolidated glossaries, bibliography etc. If you have read ‘Migglism’ or ‘Truth on the Edge’ and want to move onto the detail, then this is what you need, even if you don’t read it all at once or in the conventional order! It’s also the place to start for academic types who want the detailed argument straight away.

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There will also be an ebook, just as soon as I’ve managed to resolve the technical issues that inevitably seem to accompany publishing an ebook.

The version of the first volume included is the recently-published second edition, with foreword by Iain McGilchrist. Iain writes as follows:

The “Middle Way” Ellis argues for so cogently is far from being a simple compromise between existing polarities, but a departure at right angles to typical thinking in the modern Western world, which looks to me like the path to ancient wisdom.

The perception that objectivity is neither an absolute, nor any the less real for that, is central.  Ellis argues for an approach that is incremental and continuously responsive to what is given, rather than abstract and absolute. This is the difference, as he notes, between the pragmatic, provisional, nuanced, never fixed position of the right hemisphere in the face of the absolutism towards which the left hemisphere always tends. 

The need for certainty must inevitably lead to illusion, whether in philosophy or in the business of living, and here too Ellis makes clear – as far as I am aware for the first time – the connections between the cognitive distortions known to psychology and the fallacies identified in the process of philosophy.  

This is an important, original work, that should get the widest possible hearing.


About Robert M Ellis

Robert M Ellis is the founder and chair of the Middle Way Society, and author of a number of books on Middle Way Philosophy, including the introductory 'Migglism' and the more in-depth 'Middle Way Philosophy' series. He has a Christian background, and about 20 years' past experience of practising Buddhism, but it was his Ph.D. studies in Philosophy that set him on the track of developing a systematic account of the Middle Way beyond any specific tradition. He has earned his living mainly by teaching, and more recently by online tutoring.

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