2014 Summer Retreat Talks

On the 2014 Summer Retreat, Robert M Ellis gave a series of talks on the theme of ‘The Middle Way and cognitive biases’. Each talk was accompanied by discussion with the other people present, and all were recorded and edited with accompanying pictures. Each area of discussion was followed through in relation to a range of fallacies and cognitive biases (mistakes we make in thinking) and ways we can respond to them. The talks were as follows:

Day 1, talk 1 Four Key Concepts in Middle Way Philosophy

Day 1, talk 2 Attention

Day 2, talk 1 Embodied Meaning

Day 2, talk 2 Archetypes

Day 3, talk 1 Self and Ego

Day 3, talk 2 Objects, theories and ‘nature’

Day 4, talk 1 Responsibility

Day 4, talk 2 Value judgements

Day 5, talk 1 Authority

Day 5, talk 2 Groups

Day 6, talk 1 Time

Day 6, talk 2 Practice

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