MWP Video 6: Integration

Integration is the basic process by which conflicts can be resolved, both within ourselves and with others. It is simply explained here using the story of the two mules. It’s also explained how integration requires the Middle Way and that there are different interdependent ways of practising integration.

This is the sixth video in the Middle Way Philosophy introductory course.

Some suggested reflection questions:

  1. Can you think of an example of a recent process of integration you have gone through, whether with someone else or just within yourself?
  2. Try to identify the different stages of that integration that has occurred in your experience, and whether it can be related to the process of the two mules.
  3. What are the desires, meanings or beliefs you find most difficult to integrate?

Suggested further reading:

Migglism ch.2, fifth section ‘Integration’

Middle Way Philosophy 1, section 6

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