MWP Video 6d: Individual and Political Integration

Microcosm and macrocosm. Integration is the underlying process that resolves conflict, both psychologically within the individual and at a socio-political level. But how should we understand the relationship between these two levels? This is a tributary video to no.6 on integration.

This is the 24th video in the Middle Way Philosophy introductory course.

Some suggested reflection questions:

1. In what ways does the level of socio-political integration in your environment make it easier or harder for you as an individual to integrate?

2. In what ways might your own individual integration contribute to the integration of smaller or larger groups that you partake in, or even of your nation?

3. How much do you think the level of democracy in your context contributes to political integration, and how could it be improved?

Suggested further reading:

Middle Way Philosophy 2: The Integration of Desiresection 6

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