Integrative practices


ellenLangerSmallEpisode 83: Ellen Langer, a professor of psychology at Harvard University who she has often been described as the mother of mindfulness. She talks to us about mindful learning and the power of possibility.
peteMallardSmallEpisode 55: Peter Mallard is the manager of the Barn Retreat near Totnes in Devon. He talks about the Barn, what it does, the ethos behind it, the value of going on retreat and how all this might relate to the Middle Way.
shaunaShapiroSmallEpisode 43: Shauna Shapiro, a clinical psychologist and internationally recognized expert in mindfulness talks about the IAA model of mindfulness, the integration of mindfulness into psychotherapy & the empirical evidence to support it.
alisonArmstrongSmallEpisode 40: Alison Armstrong, a mindfulness teacher and researcher and founder of Present Minds on mindfulness and compulsive buying which began as a research project for her PhD and became a ground-breaking RESOLVE study.
claireKellySmallEpisode 21: Claire Kelly, the Operations Director of the Mindfulness in Schools Project on why she feels it’s important to introduce children to mindfulness practices, how the project goes about it and how it might relate to the Middle Way.
vidyamalaSmallEpisode 3: Vidyamala Burch talks about her new book “Mindfulness for Health” and her work with Breathworks, an organisation set up to bring mindfulness as a tool for reducing suffering to people worldwide; regardless of their situation.

Body disciplines

monicaDareSmallEpisode 75: Monica Dare, who is a Pilates and Alexander Technique instructor, talks to us about the origins of Pilates, how one goes about it and why she sees it as an integrative practice .

johnBolwellSmallEpisode 9: Ta’i Chi instructor John Bolwell gives an overview of this popular martial art and how it relates to the Middle Way. If you would like to see a short video of John performing one of the more common T’ai Chi forms then click here.


elizabethEnglishSmallEpisode 49: Elizabeth English, the founder Life at Work and a teacher in Focusing with the Focusing Institute, talks about Focusing, what it is, how you practice it, what are its benefits and how it might relate to the Middle Way.

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