rodtweedysmallEpisode 108: Rod Tweedy, author and book editor on his book ‘The God of the Left Hemisphere which explores the remarkable connections between the activities and functions of the human brain that writer William Blake termed ‘Urizen’.
kristatippettsmallEpisode 107: Krista Tippett, the journalist , best-selling author and host of the On Being radio programme and podcast on NPR in the US. She talks to us about her latest book “Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living”.
karenarmstrongsmallEpisode 100: Karen Armstrong, the religious historian and best-selling author who talks to us about religion, the Charter for Compassion and how they might relate to the Middle Way.
stephen_batchelorSmallEpisode 87: Stephen Batchelor on his book After Buddhism: Rethinking the Dharma for a Secular Age, why it’s important for him to legitimize his teaching with early sources and whether the Middle Way should be promoted beyond Buddhism.
faithSmallEpisode 86: Barry Daniel, Susan Averbach, Robert M Ellis and Willie Grieve discuss faith. If we are going to avoid using ‘faith’ as a cover word for dogmatic belief, what does it mean? What can we have faith in, and how does faith relate to the Middle Way?
chrisBeckwithSmallEpisode 77: Christopher Beckwith, an award-winning historian, discusses his latest book Greek Buddha with Robert M Ellis. He attempts to show how Early Buddhism shaped the philosophy of Pyrrho, the founder of scepticism in ancient Greece.
susanAverbachSmallEpisode 64: Susan Averbach, a rabbi with the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism. One of her goals is to work towards integrating Buddhist practice with humanistic Judaism and to promote a more Middle Way perspective.
stephen_batchelorSmallEpisode 51: Stephen Batchelor in conversation with Robert M. Ellis, the chair of the society, on the subject of the Middle Way. This is the second in a series of exploratory dialogues with Robert and thinkers on various subjects.
andrewBrownSmallEpisode 34: Andrew Brown, journalist and author of ‘Fishing in Utopia’. He writes a regular column in the Guardian on themes concerned with religion and this is the topic of the podcast.
martine_batchelorSmallEpisode 26: Martine Batchelor, a Buddhist teacher and author talks about ethics from a Buddhist perspective, exploring themes such as absolutism versus relativism, karma, ‘engaged’ Buddhism, non-harming and her understanding of the Middle Way.
donCupittSmallEpisode 20: Don Cupitt, the theologian and philosopher, talks to us about how he understands religion and his non-realist position about God. He also touches on Jungian archetypes, agnosticism, Stephen Batchelor and how he views the Middle Way.
VishvapaniSmallEpisode 16: Thought for the day presenter Vishvapani Blomfield talks to us about mindfulness and the Middle Way both in terms of how he sees them being approached from a more secular or a more religious perspective.
markVernonSmallEpisode 14: Mark Vernon, the writer and journalist, talks about his book How to be an Agnostic, and agnosticism’s relation to theism. He puts the case for virtue ethics. We discuss Plato, Socrates, Jung, Iain McGilchrist and how he understands the Middle Way.

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