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Fundraising Campaign – The Forgiveness Project

Starting this year, the Middle Way Society will undertake a series of fundraising campaigns, with which we will raise awareness of a range of charitable organisations – each involved with issues that relate in some way to the values of the society.

To get the campaign started we have opted to promote, and raise funds for the Forgiveness Project; the founder of which – Marina Cantacuzinowas interviewed forheart - web our ongoing podcast series in March 2014.

The Forgiveness Project is a unique and inspiring charity who, in their own words:

use storytelling to explore how ideas around forgiveness, reconciliation and conflict resolution can be used to impact positively on people’s lives, through the personal testimonies of both victims and perpetrators of crime and violence. Our aim is to provide tools that facilitate conflict resolution and promote behavioural change. Central to the work is our commitment to work with ex-offenders and victims of crime as a way of modelling a restorative process’.

Conflict exists in all aspects of social life and takes many forms. Without effective resolution some conflict can lead to long lasting animosity, which all to often leads to cycles of abuse and violence. The Forgiveness Project works with individuals, communities, victims and offenders to help break this cycle, and provides plenty of inspiration in the process.

Please visit their website and listen to the MWS podcast to find out more, and if you are able, please donate using the donate button provided here.

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The MWS Podcast: Episode 18, The Forgiveness Project founder Marina Cantacuzino

In this episode, Marina Cantacuzino, the founder of the Forgiveness Project talks about the project, how it came about, it’s rationale and how she would like to see it develop. She also talks about forgiveness and its complex nature.

MWS Podcast 18: Marina Cantacuzino as audio only:
Download audio: MWS_Podcast_18_Marina_Cantacuzino

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