The MWS Podcast: Episode 13, Robert M. Ellis

In this member profile, the chair of the society Robert M. Ellis tells us about his background, the time he spent as a Buddhist, how he first became interested in philosophy and how he came to develop Middle Way Philosophy. He also talks about how the society came about and what vision he has for its future.

MWS Podcast 13: Robert M. Ellis as audio only:
Download audio: MWS_Podcast_13_Robert_M_Ellis

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About Barry Daniel

I live in the Lake District in the UK where I run a guesthouse with my partner Kate and my cat Manuel. I enjoy painting, hillwalking, reading, visiting and entertaining friends, T’ai Chi and playing the guitar. I’m engaged to a certain degree in the local community, as a volunteer with Samaritans and I’m a fairly active member of the local Green party. I’ve had a relatively intuitive sense of the Middle Way most of my adult life but it found a greater articulation and a practical direction through joining the society. It’s also been interesting and great fun engaging with other people with a similar outlook. My main contribution to the society is conducting the podcast interviews, something that gives me a lot of satisfaction and that I’ve learnt a lot from.

4 thoughts on “The MWS Podcast: Episode 13, Robert M. Ellis

  1. A lovely, heart-warmingly human and uplifting talk, very relevant to me, at this point in the society’s gestation, to my own involvement, and my own commitment to its vision. Thanks to both men for their collaboration in making it.

  2. Yes, I hope that this podcast reaches a wide audience, including many who may have similar aims and objectives as those of the MWS but have not put their ideas into words.
    I would like to think that those without academic qualifications would feel able to contribute to the Society, there are many who want to live or already do lead an ethical life from all walks of life.

    1. Norma, I think you and Robert are absolutely on the same page in your inclusive aspirations, and from the same mould when it comes to modesty, brilliance, and integrity.

      1. Hi Peter,
        Three wonderful adjectives, thank you, more like descriptions to aspire to on my part.
        Our group has such good intentions, we want to understand and be happy leading a thoughtful life, avoiding conflict wherever possible while still having our own points of view. We all hope others will join us, it’s reaching them that is the difficult part.
        I did enjoy our conversatons this evening, I get nervous and talk too much, (which I hope will lessen over time,) but I’m also an attentive listener.

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