The challenge of applying the Middle Way to religion is that of distinguishing the experientially helpful elements of religious traditions whilst clearly rejecting their metaphysical claims. Religion does not have to be defined in terms of metaphysical belief, and people may be able to work within religious traditions whilst practising the Middle Way, interpreting religious symbols archetypally, as long as they do not attribute absolute authority to religious revelations.

God and religion in general


Middle Way for Atheists


Faith and the Middle Way : podcast discussion with Robert M Ellis, Susan Averbach and Willie Grieve

Franciscan saintliness (on how saints can be good people despite their metaphysical beliefs)

The Trouble with Revisionism (on avoiding the appeal to a ‘true’ past version on a religion)

Reconsidering the Fall

What is evil?

Life and death

Rebuilding the House (responses to disaster)

Podcast interview with Andrew Brown

Archetypes (crucial to understanding how religious symbols can be separated from metaphysical claims)

Audio talks on archetypes (scroll down to number 6 for a short introduction, to the bottom for a longer talk)

Middle Way Thinkers: Jung


Middle Way for Christians

Middle Way Thinkers: Jesus

The three Christmases (blog on the significance of Christmas)

On not saying Amen to Star Wars (blog on religious advertising in cinemas)

Podcast interview with Don Cupitt

Podcast interview with Mark Vernon


The Middle Way in Judaism

Podcast interview with Rabbi Susan Averbach


Forum topic: the Middle Way in Islam


The Buddha and the Middle Way

Buddhism and the Middle Way Audio

Madhyamika Buddhism

Book: The Trouble with Buddhism by Robert M Ellis

Middle Way Thinkers: Sangharakshita

Forget karma and carry on (blog on karma beliefs)

Podcast interview with Vishvapani Blomfield

Podcast interview with Stephen Batchelor

Review of ‘Confession of a Buddhist Atheist’ by Stephen Batchelor

Podcast Interview with Martine Batchelor (on Buddhist Ethics)

Review of ‘Emptiness and Joyful Freedom’ by Goode and Sander

Review of ‘Greek Buddha’ by Christopher Beckwith

Podcast interview with Christopher Beckwith

For meditation and mindfulness please go to meditation page


Middle Way Thinkers: Gandhi

Indian painting of combined gods Vishnu and Shiva











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