MWP Video 1c: Middle Way and Science

Science is a major source of inspiration for the Middle Way, but can also be interpreted dogmatically as telling us ‘laws of nature’ rather than provisional theory. The Middle Way applied to science involves recognising that its justification depends on embodied scientific judgements, not on correspondence to absolute reality. This video is tributary to no. 1 in this series (introduction), and it is suggested that you view that first.

This is the 10th video in the Middle Way Philosophy Introductory Course.

Some suggested reflection questions:

  1. How far do you, and/or the scientists you may know, tend to treat science as a set of facts or as a method?
  2. How far, in your experience, is genuine provisionality encouraged in scientific practice?
  3. How best do you think you could personally support or contribute to the degree of objectivity of scientific practice?

Suggested further reading:

Migglism: section 3 ‘Scientific Objectivity’.

Truth on the Edgechapter 7 ‘Scientific Progress’

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