MWP Video 7: Ethics

The Middle Way offers distinctive ways of judging right and wrong that depend, not on authoritative abstract ideals, but on our openness to experience when making judgements. Middle Way ethics offers a flexible approach that starts from wherever we are, and that is not falsely separated from scientific, artistic or other judgements. Ethics are not weird, they are a basic part of our experience, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work with them.

This is the 7th video in the Middle Way Philosophy Introductory course.

Some suggested reflection questions:

  1. What, in your experience, do you most value?
  2. What are the persons, goals or authorities you value most?
  3. How could what you value be stretched so as to get beyond the limited identifications you currently tend to have?

Suggested further reading:

Migglism: Section 3 ‘Moral Objectivity’ and section 4 ‘Ethical Practice’

Middle Way Philosophy 1: The Path of Objectivity: Section 7

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