Meditation blogs

We are creating a series of blogs on meditation to help stimulate and support meditation practice. These blogs will be by various members of the society, and try to cover a variety of practical issues, experiences, themes and practices in meditation. The blogs will be indexed here.

Meditation 1: What Practice? (Robert Ellis)

Meditation 2: Should I sit or may I stand? (Peter Goble)

Meditation 3: Balanced Effort (Robert Ellis)

Meditation 4: Meditate till the neighbours complain (Peter Goble)

Meditation 5: Dhyana (Robert Ellis)

Meditation 6: The inward or the outward way (Peter Goble)

Meditation 7: The hindrance of sense-desire (Robert Ellis)

Meditation 8: and gender (Peter Goble)

Meditation 9: The hindrance of ill-will (Robert Ellis)

Meditation 10: Mahasi Vipassana (or the art of noting): part 1 (Richard Flanagan)

Meditation 11: The hindrance of sloth and torpor (Robert Ellis)

Meditation 12: Mahasi Vipassana (or the art of noting): part 2 (Richard Flanagan)

Meditation 13: The hindrance of restlessness and anxiety (Robert Ellis)

Meditation 14: The hindrance of doubt (Robert Ellis)

Meditation 15: What if I’m doing it wrong? (Jim Champion)

Meditation 16: Conscious listening (Jim Champion)

Meditation 17: Establishing a meditation practice (Jim Champion)

3 thoughts on “Meditation blogs

  1. Hey!
    First of all, thank you for even reading this message :).
    I made a site about meditation in Sensory Deprivation Chamber and it would really mean a world to me, if you could share the link on your webpage. I think it would benefite your page viewers, especially those who don’t know the topic very well. You can share it on your twitter account, if you have one, that would be extra nice and I would more than appreciate it.
    Also I could use the feedback (please tell me your opinion too) and to be honest, a bit of traffic would be nice.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you :). If I can do anything for you, just let me know :).

    1. Hi Vanessa,
      I’m not sure where you got the idea that we run meditation classes in Dulwich, but I’m afraid we don’t! If you contact London Insight or the South London Buddhist Centre – or, doubtless, many other organisations – I’m sure you’ll have no difficulty finding a meditation class in the area.

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