The main challenge of applying the Middle Way to science is that of using scientific method with consistent provisionality, and thus to investigate experience without making naturalistic claims (see ‘The Middle Way for Scientific Naturalists’). Commitment to a particular theoretical model also needs to be balanced.edinger

We will link here all pages and posts on this site that relate to scientific method, the history of science and the physical sciences (physics, chemistry and biology).

Pages and blogs

Introductory video 1c: The Middle Way and Science

Homeostasis in relation to the Middle Way

The Third Phase  (the idea that the Middle Way offers a new phase in scientific development)

Blog post: Science and the Middle Way (an objective model) by Richard Flanagan

Archetypes for science



Podcast Interview with Rupert Sheldrake

Podcast interview with Jean Boulton on complexity theory

Podcast Interview with Rubin Naiman on sleep

Podcast interview with Baroness Susan Greenfield on the effects of digital technology on the mind

Podcast interview with Michael Brooks (science writer) on the role of science

Podcast interview with Marc Lewis (neuroscientist specialising in addiction)

Podcast interview with Mark Williams (professor of paleobiology) on the impact of humans on the biosphere

Podcast interview with Sharon Begley on the emotional life of your brain



Review of Marc Lewis’s book ‘The Biology of Desire’

Review of Marc Lewis’s book ‘Memoirs of an addicted brain’

Review of ‘The Science Delusion’ by Rupert Sheldrake




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